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It’s primal…working soil with gardening tools to harvest crops or produce amazing blossoms is a primal instinct wired into our DNA. Successful crops or prodigious blooms satisfy our souls on a level beyond the superficial. The happiness we derive from our garden eclipses the temporary buzz from purchases or material gains.

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Tools of many kinds and well chosen,
are one of the joys of a garden.

Author:  Liberty Hyde Bailey

Mirroring humans’ love for the soil and harvesting is the development of tools. Gardening and harvesting tools have been around since Neolithic times – that’s 10 000 plus years ago. Throughout history, gardening tools have evolved to make our time in the dirt more productive and therefore more enjoyable.

Today, we enjoy the culmination of thousands of years of tool development. We still use hand gardening tools that were used thousands of years ago – think of your almost 3000 year old rake! We use machines that were first developed in the industrial revolution – think of anything powered by a combustion engine in your gardening shed.

Composting today is not what it used to be either.  The range of composters available to make this process easier, quicker, and a bit less smelly is always expanding. Now we also sit in the cordless gardening tool revolution where products are lightweight and reliable and battery life is excellent.

Gardening tools are synonymous with getting dirty and getting our plants to grow.

Cordless Gardening Tools

Cordless gardening tools aren’t what they used to be. Batteries are constantly becoming lighter, more reliable, and longer lasting. End result = more time. More time to garden because jobs are done quicker, less time maintaining tools and with less fatigue.

What’s not to like?

Cordless gardening tools come in a mind boggling assortment. New and inventive ways to save time and money are being developed almost on a month by month basis.

We’re sure you’ve heard of some of these – there’s probably some you haven’t:

  • Cordless leaf blowers
  • Cordless blower vacuums
  • Cordless hedge trimmers
  • Cordless lawn edgers
  • Cordless weed whackers and string trimmers
  • Cordless pressure washers
  • Cordless chainsaws
  • Cordless automatic lawnmowers
  • And the list goes on…

The real beauty of cordless gardening tools is that they are simple plug and play machines. As long as you’ve got some juice in your battery pack – just pick it up and go! Less time mowing or blowing leaves means more time planting, pruning, and harvesting.

This list is always expanding and not all cordless gardening tools are created equal. Our review pages make your cordless gardening tool decisions a whole bunch easier. Check it out.

Working with the soil and the environment provides a connection to life that no other hobbies or lifestyles can match.  


Garden Hand Tools

Satisfaction in its purest form comes from creating something worthwhile with your own hands. A bit of dirt under your fingernails, some sweat on your brow, or a little blister here and there are all badges of honor in the garden. Impeccable presentation, harvesting food for your table and gorgeous blooms are the reward for the effort.  Satisfaction indeed!

Garden hand tools are evolving to become more ergonomic. The work to performance ratio is being reduced. This means your pruning, tilling, aerating, digging and general maintenance duties are becoming easier and less taxing on your body. 

The range available spans thousands of years of development. From a 4000 year old rake to a relatively more modern lawn dethatcher and everything in between, garden hand tools are an essential part of your gardening quiver. 

Little tweaks in design and materials mean that humble gardening tools like spades, forks, aerators, shears, hedge trimmers, lawn edgers and pickaxes are becoming easier to use. It might be time for a new purchase or to update a relic that simply doesn’t perform as it should. So, check our garden hand tool reviews and get up to date with one of mankind’s oldest technologies. 


Garden Machinery

There are times and situations when you need the grunt of garden machinery. Large lawns, wide girth trees and expansive hedges all call for longer lasting power and reliability. You need the gardening job done quickly and correctly.

Appreciation for garden machinery is often nurtured through your formative years. The smell and sound of a free revving two stroke motor harks back to a simpler time. The smell of a freshly mown lawn or sawdust spewing from a chainsaw are strong scents that have followed us through our lives. Yeah, we get it.  Using gardening machinery gets a bit addictive.

Like all gardening tools, machinery is a case of you get what you pay for.

    • Cheap
    • Reliable
    • User friendly

Choose two of these. If your gardening machinery is cheap and reliable it won’t be user friendly. If your machine is user friendly and reliable it won’t be cheap. And, you guessed it, if the machine is cheap and user friendly it won’t be reliable.

Well, that’s the idea anyway. There are exceptions to this rule. Like you, we want it all – cheap, reliable and user friendly. Keep up to date with the best buys from our reviews.   



Really, what is there not to love about composting? 

If you’re new to the idea, fertilizing your garden with compost is selecting the right food scraps from your kitchen to mix with soil. The food scraps break down and feed nutrients into the soil. The end result is better soil which means better plants. 

Recycling or re-purposing your food scraps into your soil not only benefits your soil but Earth as a whole. Food scraps account for nearly 30% of our household waste. Your food scraps become landfill where their decomposition releases methane – a greenhouse gas. 


Composting in your garden plays a vital role in maintaining the pH levels in your soil. This comes about because the process aids soil bacteria and structure, decreases nutrient leaching, and makes nutrients readily available to plants. If it’s not a pest or over or under watering that kills your plants, it’s more than likely an incorrect pH level is to blame. 

Composters come in all shapes and sizes these days. You can choose from indoor or outdoor composters. You can choose above or below ground composters. You can choose stationary or rotational composters. Heck, you can even get a worm composter. 

Check our reviews to get the best composter for your garden.  Get the right one and get composting today.


5 Simple Tips to Properly Till Your Garden

The productivity of any garden depends on how well you prepare your planting ground. Tilling is the most vital process in garden preparation for planting. Many new gardeners are usually confused whether to till or not. If they choose to till, they do not know the proper way to do it. Tilling is necessary if you are dealing with compacted soil or virgin ground. You can also till to amend your existing garden in the fall. So, do you want to know how to till your garden properly? I guess your answer is yes.


Whatever your gardening tool of choice, our message is simple: just get out into the garden! You’ll love it, your garden will love it and you’ll reap the spoils for years to come.

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