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Some people like to garden because of the joy it brings them to grow things.  Some people like to garden because they love to work with garden tools of all kinds.  Our family is a bit of both!

Hi, and welcome to our gardening tools website.  Our family is full of gardeners!!  Generation after generation, our family has worked in the garden growing plants and vegetables and using gardening tools of all kinds!!

Going back through our gardening family, our great grandparents used hand garden tools.  They would think we are just a bit spoilt with all the cordless garden tools, garden machinery, even dedicated compost bins, at our fingertips.  In fact, if you think of it, there’s probably a garden tool for it.

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There’s nothing we love to do more with our spare time than work in our garden using gardening tools.


Our love of gardening hasn’t stopped with us – our own children and grandchildren love nothing more than getting out amongst nature and growing things.

We’ve done the hard work in reviewing some great garden tools – all you have to do is make a choice for the gardening tools that suit you best.  We have cordless gardening tools, garden hand tools, garden machinery, composting, and heaps of great articles to help you with all your gardening jobs. 

We are passionate about gardening and having the right gardening tool for all your gardening needs.

We hope you enjoy our gardening tools website and find the garden tool that turns your gardening experience into a passion.

Happy gardening!!

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