Cordless Gardening Tools


Cordless gardening tools are hands-down the most versatile option when choosing the essential items to satisfy your green thumb in your garden. It makes complete sense to invest in cordless gardening tools. Many of the world’s most well-known tool brands have released high quality cordless tool systems that cater to every job necessary in the garden.

The power and runtime in cordless gardening tools are not to be frightened of anymore, as significant investment by the most well-known brands has taken place to ensure these tools last the long haul when completing bigger landscaping jobs. 

They are lightweight, extremely easy to handle and most brands have a wide range of tools for your specific requirements. The beauty of cordless gardening tools is their range of batteries and chargers. Most brands have developed universal Li-lon battery and charger systems ranging in voltages that are interchangeable from one cordless gardening tool to another. This allows you to skip the smelly, thirsty petrol guzzling, or annoyingly tangled, corded tools from the electric hand tools of yesteryear- you can simply charge and go!

Cordless garden tools are a great option you should seriously consider as you head into your outdoor space to create your ultimate Garden of Eden.


Cordless Leaf Blowers

Cordless leaf blowers are the definitive cordless gardening tool when cleaning up leaves or debris at your place. Depending on the model of choice, they will supply a lightweight choice for ease of transport and mobility when needing to roam your property to get into the nooks and crannies when tidying up. They can be lightweight, supply constant power even as the battery’s charge is waning, and can be effortlessly recharged for continuous operation -by simply removing the battery and placing it in its charging station. The difference in a cordless leaf blower to its traditional petrol operated counterparts is a brushless motor system.

A cordless leaf blower will quickly become one of your favorite household garden tools!

 The older style motors transmit the battery’s charge through carbon brushes. This can be ineffective, as some of the charge can vanish due to friction. The battery provides power to the motor and uses it to do the work that the blower does. Another fantastic advantage of a freestyle leaf blower is their quieter operation. Some models can operate at a noise level quieter than many household vacuum cleaners, and their lack of fuel emissions makes for a pleasant gardening experience.



The difference between a leaf blower and a cordless blower vacuum is its double purpose in being able to not only blow debris away but also the option to suck or mulch leaves that are collected in an attached reusable leaf bag. Many models have the functionality of an added mulcher and can be a particularly useful and efficient tool in your garden.

It is with the easy flick of a switch on the cordless blower vacuum that they can convert from a blower to a vacuum. They run on powerful motors using the Li-ion battery systems, often with variable speed options for your particular gardening needs.

Many models have the functionality of an added mulcher

Cordless leaf vacuum mulchers and shredders

Cordless blower vacuums with a mulching ability is a cordless gardening tool that has internal blades to shred leaves and grass clippings into tiny pieces. You can easily compost the yard or your garden beds by using the shredded mulch as fertilizer. This tool prevents the need to purchase a separate mulcher tool, as a cordless vacuum mulcher does this job for you! 

Whichever cordless blower vacuum you choose for your garden, it is guaranteed this workhorse of a tool will not disappoint when tidying your outdoor spaces.settings.


Cordless Hedge Trimmer

Cordless hedge trimmers are the ‘beast’ tool choice your garden, making quick work of your out-of-control hedges and shrubbery! They work flawlessly to trim and tidy using their double-sided blades to clean cut branches. This essential tool will save you blood, sweat and tears and not to mention precious time, when compared to pulling out the heavy manual hedging and pruning tools to get the jobs done!

Most models have comfortable and ergonomic handles and grips for efficient cutting at all angles. Their lightweight yet powerful designs enable the avid gardener to easily maneuver the mobile hedge trimmer into all the right spots for efficient trimming of the garden shrubs and hedging. Like other cordless gardening tools, the long-life Li-Ion battery operated models also give you function and choice to move around your garden without being attached to cords that inconveniently hold you back. 

Cordless hedge trimmers are lightweight, powerful, and easy to use, making them an essential garden tool choice.

When choosing a freestyle hedge trimmer, consider the blade size for your home tasks and whether you require attachments like extension poles for higher jobs. This will ensure you have many happy hours creating the neat, tidy, and symmetrical hedge you desire!settings.


Cordless Lawn Edger

A cordless lawn edger is a must-have when taming your lawn and creating neat lines and edges against your garden beds, concrete, or paving. Additionally, they are helpful when you need to add new landscaping or other features to your yard.

This cordless gardening tool creates a very neat, fresh, and sharp edge to your grass. Many models have adjustable depth control to ensure you get the right even- height cut from the blade. Most are three-wheeled, ensuring you always have the ultimate balance and ease of handling. Further to this, many brands feature extendable shafts and ergonomic grips for useability and comfortable operation. 

Cordless lawn edgers are the lighter, quieter, portable, and more environmentally conscious choice to their petrol and corded equivalents

Considerations when buying a cordless lawn edger is the size of your yard and the types of jobs you need this gardening tool for. Cordless options are best suited to small and medium sized yards but still have sharp blades and powerful motors that will get your intermediate-sized jobs done. Their battery-operated motor and lack of cords in the way allow you to manicure your lawn for enhanced curb appeal efficiently and swiftly.



Cordless weed whackers and string trimmers are versatile tools that provide a precision to your lawn edging and weed control in the garden. While it doesn’t cut the same volume as a push mower, cordless weed whackers have all the power you’ll need to complete weed-eating jobs in your yard. Some models also have the dual functionality as an edger, which adds an extra useful tool to your cordless home gardening tool repertoire.

Considerations must be made when sourcing yourself a cordless weed whacker and string trimmer. Features like battery voltage, the need for specific attachments, cutting range and cutting swath set different models apart from one another. 

The light and efficient mobility of a cordless weed whacker or string trimmer for your home garden makes perfect sense

Some models adopt a single string cut and some opt for the double string cutting method. As many models are suited more for residential lots, line gauge must also be considered, as the thinner gauge types can often need replacing in these cordless string trimmers.  

Lots of cordless string trimmer models include telescopic handles, rotating shafts and variable speed control which mean you have utmost control over the spots needing the most attention in your lawn. Battery longevity isn’t an issue for small to medium scale jobs with a plentiful range of Li-Ion systems available in this range of cordless gardening tool.



Cordless pressure washers are a truly portable, lightweight option for your household cleaning jobs. Their price is on the decrease and their power and battery longevity is on the increase, making the cordless pressure washer a desirable addition in your shed for small to medium jobs.

The recent and ongoing updates to Li-Ion battery technology means these cordless washers are becoming a feisty and powerful competitor on the market. These nifty and often more compact kits have many advantages due to their mobility, less maintenance and lack of petrol fumes, which make them a popular household choice.

Cordless pressure washers can offer up to 1200 PSI, which will output approximately double the cleaning pressure of a garden hose with a spray nozzle attachment. This will make cleaning your wheelie bin, car, boat or bike a breeze, or watering the garden an enjoyable activity. 

Cordless pressure washers are a lightweight, functional, use-anywhere tool that can be adapted to suit your cleaning and watering requirements.

They are much quieter than a petrol model but cordless pressure washers may not satisfy your heavy-duty jobs like a petrol unit can. Many models come with angled pressure nozzles and different spray patterns for a multitude of jobs.  They also have the added advantage of being able to draw water from a variety of sources due to its mobility. However, like many cordless gardening tools, considering the type of job necessary is important when shopping for the best model to suit your needs.

No matter what your job, cordless gardening tools make the modern gardener look like Michelangelo himself. Invest in some high-quality cordless gardening tools for your garden. You won’t be disappointed!

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